Perform health checks on Storefront, Licensing, and Provisioning Servers

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Smart Check supports performing health checks on the Storefront, Licensing, and Provisioning servers that are associated with your XenApp and XenDesktop Site. However, Smart Check cannot auto-detect these machines as it can auto-detect Delivery Controllers, Machine Catalogs, and Delivery Groups. Smart Check displays these machines on your Site's Health Alerts page but cannot provide any health information by default. 


Discover machines with custom checks

To help Smart Check discover your Storefront, Licensing, and Provisioning servers, you need to run a custom health check that specifically targets these machines and evaluates them for specific health conditions. To do this, you perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a custom health check and publish it in the Checks and Blueprints catalog as described in Use custom alerts and checks with Smart Check. Alternatively, you can use an applicable custom check that another Smart Tools user has shared with you through the Checks and Blueprints catalog
  2. From the Checks and Blueprints catalog, click the plus (+) button to add the custom check to Smart Check. If you have multiple Sites associated with your Smart Tools account, the custom check is available for all of them.

After you add the custom check to Smart Check, you can configure the check with a list of the machines you want to target. 

Note: If you have multiple Sites associated with your Smart Tools account, each Site has a separate instance of the custom check that you need to configure. So, if you want to run the custom check on three Sites, you need to specify the machines you want to evaluate for each Site, separately. The machines you specify in the check for one Site are not automatically selected when you configure the custom check for another Site. 

After the check runs on the specified machines, Smart Check displays check results on the Health Alerts page. Smart Check also includes these results in the summary email notifications that are sent after checks are performed.

Check errors

When running a custom check, errors might occur and the check might fail. For example, the machine details you specified might be incorrect or the specified machines might be unavailable. If you run a custom check and it fails, Smart Check displays the results on the Health Alerts page.  


To view check errors, click Get error output. Smart Check displays a list of the machines where the check failed and any messages or other output that you can use to troubleshoot the failure. 

To run health checks on Storefront, License, or Provisioning servers

  1. From the menu bar, click Smart Check and then click View for the Site you want to manage.
  2. Click Perform Check and, under Custom Tools, select the custom check you want to run. The Perform Checks dialog appears.
  3. Enter the following information for each machine you want to target:
    • In FQDN, enter the fully-qualified domain name of the Storefront, License Server, or Provisioning Server where you want to run the check.
    • In Type, select the type of machine you're targeting (Storefront, Licensing, or Provisioning Server) and click Add.
  4. Click Perform Checks Now.

The custom check might take a few minutes to complete. When finished, Smart Check displays the Health Alerts page for your Site which lists the status of all the checks performed and the number of errors, warnings, and updates found. Smart Check also sends you an email notification with this information.