Upload Site diagnostics to Citrix Technical Support


If you experience an issue with your Site, Citrix Technical Support might ask you to provide diagnostic data that they will use to help you resolve the issue. Smart Tools provides a simple way to securely upload your diagnostics data to Citrix Insight Services and share it with Citrix Support. 


Before you can upload diagnostics, you need to create a diagnostics file. Typically, this is a ZIP file that you can generate with Citrix Scout.

For more information about creating a diagnostics file, see CTX135408

To upload diagnostics

  1. From the menu bar, click Smart Check.
  2. Click Diagnostics > Upload Diagnostics. The Upload Diagnostics dialog appears.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • In Diagnostic data file, click Select File to locate and select the diagnostic ZIP file you generated earlier. 
    • In Upload name, enter a friendly name for your upload, if applicable. By default, the filename of your diagnostic data file is used.
    • In Case number, enter your 8-digit case number, if applicable.
    • In Description, enter any additional information about your Support case, if applicable. 
    • To be notified when Smart Tools has completed processing your file, select Send me an email notification when file processing is complete.
  4. Click Upload. Smart Tools uploads the file.
  5. Click Done to close the dialog. The Diagnostic Uploads page appears. 

As Smart Check processes your file upload, the Diagnostic Uploads page displays its progress at the top of the page.


After processing is finished, Smart Tools adds your upload to the page and, if you selected the option, sends you an email notification. To view the details of your upload, click the upload entry displayed on the page. Each entry includes upload information such as upload date and time, name of the upload, Support case number (if included), the type of upload, and the user who initiated the upload. 

If your Site is new to Smart Check, Smart Check uses your diagnostics upload to discover and display your Site on the Smart Check page. You can then install the Smart Tools Agent to run health checks. To view your Site's health report, click Back to All Sites and then select your Site from the list.

Note: If you remove your Site from Smart Check, uploaded diagnostics files associated with the Site are not deleted.  

Find uploads

If you have a large list of uploads, Smart Check makes it easier to navigate the list using the following features: 

  • Search as you type: To search in a column, simply click the magnifying glass and begin typing. Smart Tools automatically displays uploads that contain your typed criteria. 
  • Sorting: You can sort any column in the list in ascending or descending order; simply click the column heading. If you filtered the list, clicking on a column heading sorts the filtered list.


To share diagnostics files with Citrix Technical Support

After you upload your diagnostics file, Smart Tools creates a URL that you can share with Citrix Technical Support. Citrix Technical Support can then download your file for further analysis.

  1. From the menu bar, click Smart Check.
  2. Click Diagnostics > View Uploads. The Diagnostic Uploads page appears.
  3. Select the upload you want to share. The upload details page appears.
  4. Under Share report with Citrix Support, click Copy to copy the URL of your uploaded file. The report URL contains the upload ID for your diagnostics upload.

After you upload your file, Citrix Technical Support can locate it using your Smart Tools user name, organization name, case number (if included) or upload ID.