View, modify, and search resource locations

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The Resource Locations page lists all the resource locations that you or other users have added to your Smart Tools account. On this page, you can view or modify the details for a resource location and search for specific resource locations in your account. 

View resource location details

On the Resource Locations page, click the name of a resource location from the list. The list entry expands to display the resource location details. Click the resource location name again to collapse the entry. 

Modify resource location details

Important: Ensure that there is no active deployment running in the resource location you want to modify. You cannot modify a resource location in which deployments are active and servers are being managed. 

To edit details of a resource location

  1. On the Resource Locations page, point to the resource location you want to edit. 
  2. Under Actions, click Action > Edit. The Edit Resource Location page appears.
  3. Modify the resource location details and click Save

Smart Tools saves the updated environment details. 

To delete a resource location

  1. On the Resource Locations page, point to the resource location you want to delete. 
  2. Under Actions, click Actions > Delete. The Delete Resource Location confirmation message appears.
  3. Click Delete

Smart Tools deletes the resource location from your account. 

Search for a resource location

To search for a resource location, type a few characters of the friendly name in the search box and press ENTER. Resource locations with names that contain any matching characters appear in the list.