View and modify blueprints and scripts

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All your owned and shared blueprints and scripts are listed on the Library page. To view your library, click Smart Build from the Smart Tools menu bar. From here, you can view or modify the contents of your blueprints and scripts.

To view a blueprint or script

  1. On the Library page, point to the blueprint or script you want to view. 
  2. Under Actions, click ActionsView.  
  3. To view a previous saved version of the blueprint or script, click the Current Version box and select the version you want to view.
  4. To view deployments created from the blueprint, from the Blueprint Designer button bar, click More > View Launches.
    Smart Tools displays a list of deployments associated with the selected blueprint. If there are no associated deployments, Smart Tools displays a message indicating the blueprint has never been deployed.
  5. To view the details of the script, click the following tabs: 
    • Overview: Includes the name, file type, description, and assigned tags.
    • Script: Includes the source content of the script.
    • Parameters: Includes the required script parameters.
    • Attachments: Includes the files used in the script. Attachments can include text files such as .cfg, .ini., or .txt; image files such as .gif, .png., or .jpg; or executable files.

To edit a blueprint or script

  1. On the Library page, point to the blueprint or script you want to edit. 
  2. Under Actions, click Actions > Edit.  
  3. Modify the blueprint or script as needed. 
  4. Click Save to save your changes. Smart Tools creates a new version of the blueprint or script. 

To delete a blueprint or script

Important: You cannot retrieve deleted blueprints. Before you delete a blueprint, ensure it is not deployed on any server and not shared with any user.

  1. On the Library page, point to the blueprint you want to delete. 
  2. Under Actions, click Actions > Delete. The Delete Blueprint confirmation message appears.
  3. Click Delete. Smart Tools removes the blueprint or script from your library.