About the Checks and Blueprints catalog and Library

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About the Checks and Blueprints catalog

Smart Tools stores blueprints in the Checks and Blueprints catalog where they are available to all Smart Tools users. To view the catalog, click Checks and Blueprints from the menu bar. 

The Checks and Blueprints catalog contains items in the following categories:

  • Citrix Checks: Contains custom checks provided by Citrix for use with Sites that you add to Smart Check. 
  • Citrix Solutions: Contains blueprints provided by Citrix for creating proof-of-concept or production deployments of Citrix products.
  • Components: Contains blueprints provided by Citrix for deploying additional components that complement or enhance a Solutions blueprint.
  • Citrix Ready Partners: Contains blueprints provided by Citrix partners.
  • Community: Contains custom checks and blueprints created by Smart Tools users. 

Before you can use a check or blueprint in the catalog, you must add it to your Smart Tools account. Afterward, these items appear in the following places:

  • Custom checks appear in the Perform Checks menu in Smart Check.
  • Blueprints appear on your Library page. 

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About the Library

To view your library, click Smart Build from the Smart Tools menu bar.

Your library is your personal space for storing blueprints and scripts that you create, add from a catalog, or that other users share with you. From the library, you can point to a blueprint and, using the Actions button, perform the following actions:

  • Deploy a selected blueprint
  • View blueprint properties
  • Edit a blueprint
  • Clone a blueprint
  • Share a blueprint with other account users
  • Delete the blueprint from your library

Your library is attached to your Smart Tools account. Therefore, if you are a member of one Smart Tools account, you have only one library. However, if you have access to multiple Smart Tools accounts, you have a separate library for each account.

Navigate your library

Use the following filters in the Library page to view and manage your scripts and blueprints:

  • All: Lists all the items in your library.
  • Owned by me: Lists the items that you own. By default, you own the scripts and blueprints that you create.
  • Shared with me: Lists the items that other users share with you.
  • Added from Catalog: Lists blueprints that you add from the Blueprint Catalog.
  • Object Types: Using the Script and Blueprint filters, displays only items of the selected type. 
  • Tags: Lists items that include the selected tags in their metadata.

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Add a check or blueprint to your account

Before you can use a custom check with Smart Check or a blueprint with a resource location, you need to add it to your account. 

  1. From the menu bar, click Checks and Blueprints.
  2. Point to the check or blueprint you want to add and then click the plus (+) sign. Newly-added checks appear in the Perform Checks menu in Smart Check. Newly-added blueprints appear on the Library page. 

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Update a blueprint to a newer version

When a new version of a blueprint in your Library is available, Smart Tools displays an indicator so you can update your existing blueprint to the new version. You can see this indicator in the following places:

  • In the Checks and Blueprints catalog: The blueprint's entry in the catalog displays the "Updated" indicator and provides an "Update" link. Clicking the link takes you to the blueprint's information page where you can update your existing blueprint. 
  • In your Library: The blueprint's entry in your Library displays an "Update available" indicator. You can then locate the blueprint in the catalog to update your existing blueprint.
  • In the Blueprint Designer: When you view or edit the blueprint, the Blueprint Designer displays an "Update available in catalog" link on the Overview tab. Clicking the link takes you to the blueprint's information page in the catalog you can update your existing blueprint.

Important: Updating a blueprint in your library does not affect any existing deployments of that blueprint. To apply an updated blueprint to a deployment, you must create a new deployment from the updated blueprint.

When a new version is available of a custom or Citrix check that you have added to Smart Check, the update is automatically added to Smart Check. There is no need to manually update the check.

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