Troubleshoot blueprint creation issues

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This topic provides troubleshooting tips for the following blueprint creation issues:

Unable to save a blueprint


Unable to save a blueprint. The following error message appears while saving a blueprint:

Start Code does not exist for the process <Blueprint Name>


You cannot save an empty blueprint. The blueprint must contain at least one step (can be a script, blueprint, or built-in step). Add a single step or multiple steps under the Deploy tab and click Save. 

Unable to diagnose issues after script deployment failure


Unable to diagnose and troubleshoot issues after script deployment failure.


Use the following steps to diagnose and troubleshoot issues after script failure:

  1. From the Smart Tools menu bar, Click Smart Build.
  2. Move the pointer over the script and click Actions > View.
  3. From the blueprint designer, click View Jobs.
  4. Click the link in the Instances column.
  5. Click Step Output to view the error details. 
  6. If the output does not have enough information, you can run the script manually on the VM command line and observe the output to troubleshoot or debug the issue.

    Smart Tools provides driver files that the agent runs on the VM. These are batch files with names similar to acta01156.bat. On Windows, the driver files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\LifeCycleManagement\ops\metaphase. On Linux, the driver files are located in /opt/citrix/lifecycle-management/ops/metaphase.

  7. Run the batch file from the VM command line to view the output and diagnose the issue.
    This is also useful for blueprint authors who can create and validate scripts that are used in blueprints.