Use the Citrix Smart Tools Agent behind a proxy

If your resource location is behind a proxy, you will need to specify the proxy with basic authentication to allow the Citrix Smart Tools Agent to access the public Internet over outbound HTTPS. To do so, you must set environment variables on the server where the agent is installed so that the agent can recognize the proxy server using basic authentication (username and password). 

The Citrix Smart Tools Agent uses the following environment variables (not case sensitive):

  • HTTPS_PROXY=<proxyserver_ip_address>:443
  • HTTPS_PROXY_USERNAME=<myusername>
  • HTTPS_PROXY_PASSWORD=<mypassword>

If your proxy server does not have authentication, it will pass traffic over HTTPS through your proxy to the public Internet. If your proxy has basic authentication, then source these environment variables for basic authentication for the agent. If you are using authentication other than basic (e.g., NTLM), the agent traffic will fail authentication. 

Note: The agent will not work with HTTPS proxy content inspection on the SSL session. If the proxy has content inspection, then you must set up a rule on the proxy to pass through traffic from servers where the agent is installed.