About Citrix Cloud and Citrix Smart Tools

This page has moved to docs.citrix.com. You can now find all Smart Tools documentation at the Citrix Product Documentation site. Please update any page links to the new URL: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/smart-tools/about-citrix-cloud-smart-tools.html.


About Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud provides a catalog of workspace and infrastructure services to support a new approach for service delivery management. Citrix Cloud is a platform to automate design and delivery of desktops, apps, and data as services that can be deployed onto public or private clouds, on-premises or within a hybrid infrastructure. 

See the Citrix Cloud Product Overview page for more information about included services and capabilities. 

About Citrix Smart Tools

Citrix Smart Tools is a service available as part of Citrix Cloud that enables enterprises and cloud service providers to deploy and manage Citrix applications on hypervisors and public and private cloud platforms. 

 Citrix Smart Tools includes the following services and features:

  • Smart Check: Performs regularly scheduled health checks on XenApp and XenDesktop Sites to keep you abreast of potential issues affecting your Site before they impact users.
  • Smart Scale: Control costs while keeping applications and desktops available for your users with usage and schedule based scaling. 
  • Smart Build: Provides the ability to define an application deployment and its operations using blueprints. Blueprints are also used to build custom checks for your XenApp and XenDesktop Site. 
  • Smart Migrate: Simplifies migration of application and policy data from your XenApp 6.x farm to a new XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x Site. Smart Tools can help you automate your migration or provide scripts you can run within your own migration processes.
  • Checks and Blueprints: A central repository for application blueprints and checks that can be accessed by all Smart Tools account users. From the Checks and Blueprints catalog, you can add blueprints and checks to your library and deploy them to your machines.
  • REST API: Smart Tools functions are accessible through REST APIs. For more information on supported REST APIs, see the REST API section.

Service notifications

Outage and maintenance events for all Citrix Cloud services are listed on the Citrix Cloud Service Health Dashboard at http://status.cloud.com/. This page displays service status and incidents in real-time for all Citrix Cloud services.

You can subscribe to status notifications through email, SMS, Slack, or other webhook. You can also choose to receive notifications for all services or only the services you select.

To subscribe to Citrix Cloud service notifications

  1. At the top of the Service Health Dashboard page, click Subscribe. 
  2. On the Subscribe for updates form, select the method by which you want to receive updates (such as email, SMS, and so on) and supply the information requested.
  3. In Notify about, the default selection is All services. To select individual services, click Selected services and click Citrix Cloud. By default, notifications are turned on for all services. To turn them all off, click the Select toggle and then click the toggles for the services you want.    

To unsubscribe from status notifications, use the unsubscribe link included in each notification you receive.

Request support and submit feedback

You can learn more about Citrix Cloud and Smart Tools, request help from Citrix Support, and submit feedback using these resources.

Smart Tools support

To request help with Smart Tools, visit the Smart Tools support forum at http://discussions.citrix.com/forum/1565-smart-tools/ and create a new discussion with details about the issue you are experiencing.

Note: You will need your Citrix login ID to create and contribute to discussions. If you do not have a Citrix login ID, you can create one at https://www.citrix.com/welcome/create-account.html.

If you need additional help with a specific blueprint, consult CTX201889, Smart Tools Blueprint Support, for more information about the available Citrix resources for resolving your issue. 

Smart Tools documentation

Within Smart Tools, click Help > Documentation in the menu bar to view the Smart Tools Product Documentation web site in your web browser.

To send feedback about the documentation, visit the Smart Tools support forum at http://discussions.citrix.com/forum/1565-smart-tools/. You can then create a discussion to share your feedback with the Smart Tools team.

Citrix Cloud Help

Within Citrix Cloud or Smart Tools, click the Help icon  cwc-help-icon.png  for links to the Citrix Cloud support forum, product documentation, the Citrix Cloud Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service.