Add a XenApp and XenDesktop Service Site to Smart Scale



In general, when adding a Site hosted on-premises or with a cloud service provider to Smart Tools and enabling Smart Scale, you need to install the Smart Tools Site Agent on one or more Delivery Controllers in your Site. However, with Sites using the XenApp and XenDesktop Service of Citrix Cloud, the Site Agent must be installed on a different machine in the Site.

This topic describes how to prepare your XenApp and XenDesktop Service Site for using Smart Scale. For more information about support for Sites using the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, see About Smart Scale.

To enable your Site to use Smart Scale, you perform the following tasks:

  1. Install the Smart Tools Agent on a machine in the Citrix Cloud resource location you are using with the XenApp and XenDesktop Service. The agent enables the machine to communicate with Smart Tools so Smart Tools can prepare your Site for Smart Scale. The machine hosting this agent can be a domain controller in your resource location or another machine that meets the following requirements:
    • Joined to the domain in your resource location.
    • Continuously powered on, to allow the agent to maintain a communication pathway with Smart Tools. Because of this, installing the agent on a Citrix Cloud Connector or VDA is not recommended.
    • Have outbound access to the Internet on port 443.
    • Support at least PowerShell 3.0.

      If you created your Citrix Cloud resource location using the XenApp and XenDesktop Service Resource Location Setup blueprint, you can skip this task as the agent is already installed on a machine in the resource location. 

      Important: When performing this step, follow the instructions in Task 1: Install the Smart Tools Agent. Do not use the Add Site dialog on the Smart Scale page to install the agent; this agent will not work with your XenApp and XenDesktop Service site.
  2. Deploy the Smart Scale Site blueprint. The blueprint installs the XenApp and XenDesktop PowerShell SDK on the machine, creates an authentication profile for the current user, and registers the Site with Smart Scale. During Site registration, the Smart Tools Agent is promoted to be the Site Agent for Smart Scale.

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Task 1: Install the Smart Tools Agent 

Important: When performing this task, follow the instructions as written. Do not install the agent from the Add Site dialog on the Smart Scale page as it will not work with your XenApp and XenDesktop Service Site. 

  1. Select a machine in your Citrix Cloud resource location on which to install the Smart Tools Agent. 
  2. Log on to the machine as an Administrator.
  3. From a web browser, log on to Citrix Cloud and then, under Smart Tools, click Manage.
  4. From the menu bar, click Resources & Settings and then click Add Resource Location.
  5. Select one of the hypervisor resource location types (Citrix XenServer, VMWare vSphere, or Microsoft Hyper-V) and click Next
    Note: Selecting one of these types is required to download the agent only, not to specify which resource location you are using for your XenApp and XenDesktop Service Site.
  6. If prompted to select a connector, click Prepare a new connector and click Next.
  7. To download the Smart Tools Agent, select the operating system for your machine and click Download Agent.
  8. When prompted, run the CitrixLifecycleManagementAgent.exe file and follow the wizard to install the agent. When the agent has registered successfully with Smart Tools, you will receive an email.
  9. Click Cancel to close the Add Resource Location wizard. The Resource Locations page appears.

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Task 2: Deploy the Smart Scale Site blueprint

  1. Add the Smart Scale Site blueprint to your library:
    1. From the Smart Tools menu bar, click Blueprint Catalog.
    2. Scroll down to the Community section and locate the Smart Scale Site blueprint. Click the plus (+) sign to add the blueprint to your library.
  2. From the menu bar, click Smart Build. The blueprint appears at the top of the list in your library.
  3. Point to the Smart Scale Site bluprint and, under Actions, click Actions > Deploy.
  4. Click Start deployment setup.
  5. On the Overview page, enter a name for the deployment. The default name is Smart Scale Site. Click Next.
  6. On the Resource Location page, select All Existing Machines.
  7. On the Pre-deployment Checklist, click Continue.
  8. On the Scale page, click Next.
  9. On the Size page, ensure Use existing machines is selected.
  10. Under the Server machine tier, select the machine where you installed the Smart Tools Agent. Click Next.
  11. On the Configuration page, enter the following information and then click Next:
    • DomainName: Enter the domain name of your Citrix Cloud resource location.
    • AdministratorName: Enter the user name of a local account or domain account that is a member of the built-in Administrators group. The default name is Administrator.
    • AdministratorPassword: Enter the password for the built-in Administrator.
  12. (Optional) If you want to save these settings as a deployment profile, enter a profile name and description and click Save. Otherwise, click Cancel.
  13. Click Deploy. The Deployment Details page appears.

After you deploy the blueprint, Smart Tools displays the progress of each step in the blueprint on the Deployment Details page. When the blueprint finishes, Smart Tools sends you an email notification.

After your Site is registered with Smart Scale, Smart Tools analyzes it to discover the Delivery Groups it contains and displays it on the Smart Scale page. You can then configure scaling actions for the Delivery Groups in your Site, as described in Manage Delivery Group capacity with Smart Scale.

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